Thoughts on Self-Employment and Health

It has always been my sincere belief that, if you are self employed, the gym needs to be a major part of your routine. For a few different reasons.

First, the obvious. Being in your best physical shape will always correlate to being in your best mental shape. And being in your best mental shape is crucial towards making the right decisions in a timely way. And to really helping balance out the stress that can come with self-employment.

Second, the gym sucks. Let’s face it. Working out sucks. It’s painful, it’s long, it’s tedious… And if you’re doing it right, you don’t want to ever go back when you leave. Great. But you do go back, and you make sure that you continue going back with that mentality.

Because, the gym is a sanctuary also.

You are a different person every single time you leave. You faced an uncomfortable, difficult situation (that you did not need to do!) and you were made stronger and more focused because of it. And you bring that thinking and confidence into your daily life, and into your business, and it makes everything a little easier. Small things that could have brought stress don’t anymore. You have trained yourself to understand that uncomfortable does not mean bad. And that distinction is very important. Many times, when we’re navigating self-employment and are faced with many decisions on where to go and how to do it correctly - being uncomfortable will be a vital part of the major changes. These changes will many times involve uncertainty, inconsistency and, in the best times, it will involve a path that you have to forge on your own. To do something that no one else has done.

But you’re strong. You are in good shape. You’re healthy. You have been taking care of your body and mind. And you carry a subtle, deep confidence with you because you have trained yourself to face difficult physical situations with courage.

And you’ve been shown that you will prevail every time you have.