My name is Adam Schluter.

I am truly obsessed with two things: Photography and people. I have always tried to find interesting ways to combine the two, and capture genuine emotions and moments as they naturally happen.

This project started as a crazy idea and then took off once I noticed how much bigger it was than me. And how much bigger it was than just the photograph. This was changing how I connected with people. And then, a ripple effect started. After the TED talk in October, I began getting messages from around the world, from people who had seen it, telling me that it helped them connect with their father, their son, their friends, their girlfriend/boyfriend, their community… For the first time in years.

I just wanted to show people that the world is a good place. And a beautiful place in that. And that people want to get to know you, and share in your life with you, if you just give them the chance.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey.